Aeolian (46-Note)

InstrumentAeolian Organ
Formatpaper roll
Size9.625 inch
Holes per inch5.00

This list is based on The Organette Book, by Kevin McElhone, and in cooperation with the MBSGB Archives.

Athalia. War March of the PriestsMendelssohn
26??Blue Alsatian Mountains
The Anchor's Weighed
Twickenham Ferry
511?Cuban Rhapsodie, Op.66Albeniz
Lucia de Lammermoor, SextetteDonizetti
The Midship Mate
The Death of Nelson
Minute WaltzChopin
Miserere from Il TrovatoreVerdi
Old Wooden Rocker, TheMillard H
Only a Pansy Blossom
Wait Till the Clouds Roll By
Frich's Cuckoo Song
Salon Music - Allegro
Sweet Hour of Prayer
Symphony in C Major. “Jupiter”. 1st Movt. AllegroMozart
Symphony No.1, C Major, 2nd Mvt. Andante CantabileBeethoven
Symphony No.6, in F Major, Pastoral, Op.68. 2nd MvBeethoven
When I Survey (4 Verses)Rockingham
77Santiago (Valse Espagnole)Corbin
285Gambrinus PolkaBiel
633Good on the Bridge at MidnightCarew (# is suspect)
2013Old Kent Road
2501Stabat Mater. Cujus AnimamRossini
2502Nearer My God, to Thee
In the Sweet Bye & Bye
I Need thee Every Hour
Precious Promise
Jesus, Lover of My Soul
Rock of Ages
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2503Sweet Hour of Prayer
The Home Over There
Safe in the Arms of Jesus
Where is My Boy Tonight
Trusting Jesus, That is All
Work, for the Night is Coming

2504Let the Lower Lights be Burning
Shall We Meet Beyond the River
Repeat the Story O'er & O'er
Ninety & Nine
Tell Me the Old, Old Story
2505Go Bury Thy Sorrow
Wonderful words of Life
Whiter than Snow
Pull for the Shore
Rescue the Perishing
We shall meet beyond the River.
Nearer My God To Thee. 3 verses

2506Nearer my God to TheeMason
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2507Sweet Bye & Bye, In The. 3 versesWebster
2510Where is My Boy Tonight? 3 versesLowry
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2512Messiah. Hallelujah ChorusHandel
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2514Sicilian Hymn. 3 verses with interludes
2516Dundee. Interludes + 3 versesHymn
2519St. Paul: Aria-But the Lord is mindful
Chorus-See what love hath the Father
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2520Stabat Mater. InflammatusRossini
2521Abide with me
Sun of my Soul
Onward Christian Soldiers
The Morning Light is Breaking
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2523Messiah. For Unto us a Child is BornHandel
2526Te Deum LaudamusJackson
2529O SalutarisRossini
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2530Gloria. Twelfth MassMozart
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2532Martyn, 6 versesHymn
2534Messiah. Comfort Ye My People
Messiah. Every Valley Shall be Exalted
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2536Creation. The Heavens are TellingHaydn
2537Creation. In Nature WorthHaydn
2538Cantique de Noel. O Holy NightAdam
2539Flee as a Bird to Your Mountain. 2 versesSpanish
2540Dead March from SaulHandel
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2544Requiem Mass - BenedictusMozart
2546Creation. O Mighty PensHaydn
2547Geneva - Art Thou Weary, Art Thou Languid. 4 verse
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2548Christmas. Awake My SoulHandel
2549Folsom. Brightest & Best. 3 versesMozart
2550Christ the Lord is Risen Today, ClarionRimbault
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2555Jerusalem the Golden. 3 versesEwing
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2556Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God Almighty (3 vs)Dykes
2558Frederick - I Would Not Live Always (3 vs)Kingsley
2560Lead, Kindly Light. Lux BeniguaDykes
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2561Rock of AgesHastings
2564Creation. With Verdure CladHaydn
2567Ave MariaGounod
2568Ave MariaSchubert
2570Olivett. 3 verses
2579Rest - Asleep in Jesus Blessed SleepBradbury
2580China. Why do we mourn Departing FriendsSwan
2582Onward Christian SoldiersSullivan
2584Mass in C, No.2, KyrieHaydn
2589Sun of My Soul. 5 versesMonk
2594Hold the Fort. (4 verses)Bliss P.B
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2596Now the Day is Over, O ParadiseBarnby
2598Messiah. He Shall Feed His FlockHandel
2601God Save the Queen
Rule Brittania
Good Bless the Prince of Wales
Men of Harlech
2603Only a Pansy Blossom, MedleyHoward
2604Pretty Little Dark Blue Eyes
When the Corn is Waving, Annie
A Boys Best Friend is His Mother
A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss
2605Stick to your Mother, Tom
Pretty Pond Lilies
Good Night, but not Goodbye
2607Climbing up the Golden Stairs
Swim Out for Glory
Keep in de Middle Ob De Road
Oh! Dem Golden Slippers
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2608Nancy Lee
In the Gloaming
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2609I'll wait my love
Call me back again
I'll meet her when the Sun goes down
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2610Lost Chord, The
Palm Branches
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2612Robin Adair
Within a mile of Edinboro' Town
Comin' thro' the Rye
The Yellow-haired Laddie
Jessie the Flower of Dumblane
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2613Hail Columbia
Red, White & Blue
Tenting Tonight
My Maryland
Yankee Doodle


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2614Star Spangled Banner
Rally round the Flag
Marching Thro' Georgia
Tramp, Tramp, Tramp
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2615Tara's Harp
Pat Malloy
Eilleen Allanna
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2616Poverty's Tears Ebb and Flow
Get up Jack, John Sit Down
2618French National Air
Spanish National Air
Russian National Air
Austrian National Air
Brazilian National Air
De Lisle

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2619Last Rose of Summer
Annie Laurie
Blue Bells of Scotland
Auld Lang Syne

Mrs. Jordon
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2620Read the Answer in the StarsMillocker
2621Keller's American Hymn
To Thee, O Country
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Kathleen Mavourneen
Come Back to Erin
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2623Die Wacht am Rhine
Der Gute Kamerad
Der Tannenbaum
Der Wirthin Tochterlein
Das Zerbrochen Ringlein
2624White Wings
Dear Robin, I'll be True
I'm awaiting my Love's Return
2625A Life on the Ocean Wave
Larboard Watch Ahoy!
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2626Some Day
Maggie's Secret
Gipsy's Warning
Four Jolly Smiths
2627Come Where My Love Lies Dreaming
Do they miss Me at Home?
2628Down by the River Side I Strayed
Dreaming of Mother's Angel Face
There's a Light in the Window
Don't Forget the Old Folks
2630Rocked in the Cradle of the Deep
I am waiting, Essie dear
The day when you'll forget me
Going from the Cotton Fields
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2631Swanee River
My Old Kentucky Home
Massa's in the Cold Ground
Old Dog Day
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2632Donny Grady's Hack
It Showeren Again
Baxter Avenue
Put on Your Bridal Veil
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2633Swanee River. 3 versesFoster
2634Carnival of Venice. variations
2636Last Rose of Summer, TheCramer
2637Mocking Bird, variationsarr bt Tremaine
2639Old Oaken Bucket (3 Verses with Interlude)
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2641Departed DaysLewis
2642Fantasie on Home Sweet Homearr by Schneider
2643I Would that My Love. DuettMendelssohn
2644Good Night Beloved
Sweet & Low
Non e Ver
2646When the swallowsAbt
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2648On the Rocks by Aberdeen, MedleyGatty
2649Village Blacksmith, The
Hearts of Oak
Boyce D.R
2651There's a Letter in the Candle: Lula Wall
There's a Letter in the Candle: My Pretty Red Rose
2652Bunch o'Berries
The Mountain Dew
Old Feather Bed
Dad's Dinner Pail
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2656Mulberry Springs
U.S. Black Marines
2657$15 in My Inside Pocket
Hush Little Baby, don't You Cry
2658Cricket on the HearthStewart
2659Listen to the Mocking Bird (variations)Webber
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2660Gathering the Myrtle with Mary
The Letter that Never Came
2663La Colombe (The Dove)Yradier
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2665Back to Our Mountains
Rock Me to Sleep, Mother
Full Moon Union
O Haste, Crimson Morning
Silence! Silence
2669Wir gehen nach LindenanBrandesky
2670Rock a Bye Baby
Old Rustic Bridge by the Mill
2672Midshipmite, The. MedleyAdams
2673Where the Bee Sucks
Should He Upbraid?
Dr. Arne
2676Das theure Vaterhaus
Die Thrane
Wie schon bist du
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2678Das Bild der Rose
Ich kenn ein Aug
Der tyroler und sein kind
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2680Lighthouse by the Sea,The
Lay Me on the Hillside
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2681Three Fishers went sailing
The Violet
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2683Strolling on the Sands
The Market on Saturday Night
The Bold McIntyres
2684Goodbye Sweetheart
Jack's Yarn Our Jack's Come Home Again
2685A Warrior Bold
2689Solomon Levi. [SEEN this roll]Seaver
2692Marching Thro' Georgia. 3 versesWork
2695Paddy Duffy's CartBraham
2699The Little Fisher Woman
The Maid of the Mill
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2701William Tell OvertureRossini
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2702Zampa OvertureHerold
2703Magic Flute OvertureMozart
2704Il Trovatore: Miserere
Il Trovatore: Anvil Chorus
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2705Les Cloches De Cornville OverturePlanquette
2707Poet and Peasant Overture (Complete)Suppe
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2708Oberon OvertureWeber
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Wedding March
Greek Pirates March
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2710Martha OvertureFlotow
2711Caliph of Bagdad, OvertureBoieldieu
2712Tannhauser MarchWagner
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2713Boccacio MarchSuppe
Song-A Wandering Minsrel I
Madrigal-Brightly dawns our Wedding Day
Finale-For he's gone and married Yum Yum
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2717Merry War. For This Wild War
Merry War. Waltz Song
Merry War. Quick to the Chapel Go
2719Fra Diavolo OvertureAuber D.F.E
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2721? of the BlastSullivan
Mikado. See How the Fates
Mikado. Flowers that Bloom
There is a Beauty in the bellow..
2722Olivette. The Yacht & The Brig
Olivette. Waltz Song
Olivette. I Love My Love
Olivette. Farandole
2723Princess Ida. Most Politely
Princess Ida. A Lady Fair
Princess Ida. Whom Thou hast Chained
Princess Ida. Expressive Glances
2724Mikado. Three Little Maids
Mikado. Here's a How de Do
Mikado. Willow, Tit Willow
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2725Tannhauser OvertureWagner
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2726Lohengrin. IntroductionWagner
2727Barber of Seville OvertureRossini
2728Der Freischutz Overture (Complete)Weber
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2729Orphee Aux EnfersOffenbach
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2730Rigoletto. Bella Figlio, QuartetteVerdi
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2731Faust. Kermesse
Faust. Flower Song
Faust. Soldiers Chorus
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2732Norma. Duet. Hear Me Norma
Norma. Norma Cometh
2734Preciosa OvertureWeber
2735Jebel OvertureWeber
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2737Don Giovanni, Minuetto, Vedrai CarinoMozart
2738Mikado MedleySullivan
2739Carmen. Prelude, Canzonet BohemianBizet
2740Mascot MedleyAudran
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2741Madame Angot MedleyLecocq
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2742Patience selection - 5 tunesSullivan
2743Sylvia. Valse Lente
Sylvia. Pizzicati
Delibes, Leo
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2744Euryanthe OvertureWeber
2745Bohemian Girl. The Heart Bowed DownBalfe
2746Little Tycoon, OvertureSpenser
2748Black Hussar MedleyMillocker
2749Puritani. Polacca
Puritani. Vien Diletto
Puritani. Quartet
2750Lucretia Borgia:
Duet-Ama tua Madre
Trio-Guai! Se ti sfugge un moto
Aria-Il segretto
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2751Martha:Solo-Profundo. Quartette
2753Chimes of Normandy. Legend of the Bells
Chimes of Normandy. On Billows Rocking
Chimes of Normandy. Waltz Song
2755Chimes of NormandyPlanquette
2756Erminie. Birds of a Feather
Erminie. Past & Future
Erminie. Dream Song
Erminie. What the Dickey Birds Say
Erminie. Lullaby
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2757The Marriage Trap:
Let us shout
You are not perfection
Waltz Song
Hearts so gay
To please each taste
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2758Grand Duchess MedleyOffenbach
2760Crown Diamonds OvertureAuber
2761La Dame Blanche, MedleyBoieldieu
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2764Stradella OvertureFlotow
2765Midsummer Night's Dream. OvertureMendelssohn
2768Don Giovanni. Duetto e Coro. La Ci DaremMozart
2770Rienzi OvertureWagner
2772Patience. Twenty Love Sick Maidens
Patience. Magnet & the Churn
Patience. Duet, Prithee
Patience. Pretty Maiden
Patience. I Hear the Soft Note
Patience. A Japanese Young Man - song
2773Falka Chassaigne. Chorus, Finale to Act 1
Falka Chassaigne. Duet Slumber Sentinel
Falka Chassaigne. Romanza Tis Eventide
2776Nocturne, op.37, No.2Chopin
2777Erminie. soldier's Chorus
Erminie. When Love is Young
Erminie. Chorus, Goodnight
2778Jean De Paris-OvertureBoieldieu
2779Semiramide OvertureRossini
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2782Ruddygore. Bridesmaids'Chorus Fair is Rose
Ruddygore. In Sailing O'er, Trio
2783Billee Taylor. Charity Girls Chorus
Billie Taylor. All on Account if Eliza
Billie Taylor. I Followed My Darling Bill
Billie Taylor. Love, Love, Love
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2784Mass in C, No.2. KyrieHaydn
2787Aida. Finale Act 2Verdi
2787Der Freischutz, Overture completeWeber
2788Faust. Introduction
Faust. Waltz
2789Carmen. Toreadors Song
Carmen. Avanera
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2790Ernani PotpourriWels
2791Lohengrin. Act 3, IntroductionWagner
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2792Robert Le Diable - BalletMeyerbeer
2793Die Walkure. Sigmund's Love SongWagner
2794Lustspiel OvertureKeler Bela
2796Czaar and ZimmermanSlinks
2797Fille du RegimenteDonizetti
2801Breeze of the Night WaltzLamothe
2802La Reine de Salon PolkaLichner
2803See-Saw WaltzCrowe
2804Nanon WaltzGence
2805March of the BrigandsNorris A
2808L'immensite WaltzGregh
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2809My Queen WaltzCoote
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2810Blue Danube WaltzStrauss
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2811Grand Concert GalopKetterer
2812No Surrender MarchWarren
2815Fisher's Hornpipe
Durang's Hornpipe
Arkansas Traveller
Gary Owen
Devil's Dream
Speed the Plough
Irish Washerwoman
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2817Dream Faces WaltzHutchison
2819Wst, Wst, Galop
Pins & Needles, Galop
2821Louise WaltzAronson
2822Marche RomaineGounod
2824Farie Voices WaltzCrowe
2825Les Cloches de Corneville PolkaPlanquette
2826Devil's MarchSuppe
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2827Arion Waltz
2828Hungarian MarchBerlioz
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2830Mandolinata, 2 tunesL….
2832Gasparone WaltzMillocker
2837Golden Robin PolkaBousquet
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2838Mexican Dance, Rosas y AbrojosRiderique
2839Yorke, The. One Heart, One MindStrauss
2840….ess WaltzWebber
2843La Media NocheAviles
2845Criterion March
Birthday March
2847Inman Line MarchWarren
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2849Erminie - GavotteJakobowski
2850Gavotte CupidMarcy
2853Swedish Wedding MarchSoderman
2856Penses a Moi SchottischeJacob
2857Marche Militaire
Prince Methusalem March
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2860Athalia. Priest's MarchMendelssohn
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2861Alpha MarchSwift
2862Valse Brilliante, Op.34Chopin
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2867Les Sirenes WaltzWaldteufel
2869Wine, Women & Song, WaltzStrauss
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2875First Kiss WaltzLamothe
2876Il Bacio Waltz. (The Kiss)Arditi
2879La Chasse Infernal GalopKolling
2881Elfins DanceLichner
2886Chaplain's MarchDodworth
2887Barccarole (check spelling)Waldteufel
2888La Berceuse WaltzWaldteufel
2890Estudiantina WaltzWaldteufel
2892La Chasse Au Lion GalopKolling
2896Turkish PatrolMichaelis
2899Silver TrumpetsViviani
2901Offertoire in G, Op.35, No.1Lefebure - Wely
2903Home Sweet Home, Variations? suspect number
2904Spring SongMendelssohn
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2906March from Leonore. Symphony No.5Raff
2909Symphony, No.5, Andante con motoBeethoven
2910If I were a Bird
Melodie in F
Henselt / Rubinstein
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2914Serenata - Love's DreamMoszkowski
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2915Rhapsodie Hongroise, No.2Liszt
2918L'Eclair RomanceHalvey
2919Dying Poet, TheGottschalk
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2920Last HopeGottschalk
2922Sonata, Op.81, Les AdieuxBeethoven
2924Communion in G
Elevation in G
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2925Invitation to the DanceWeber
2926Symphony No.2, Op.36, in D. Larghetto. 2nd MvtBeethoven
2927Magic Spell, RomanceBrown
2928Chinese Serenade
Dance des Feed
2930Moise de RossiniLeybach
2931Fifth Symphony. Allegro con BrioBeethoven
2933La Gazelle
Love Song
2934Minuet de Mozart
2935Polonaise Op.40Chopin
2937Polonaise, Op.26, No.1Chopin
2939Offertoire Op.23
Polish Dance
2943Rondo Capricciosa [sic]Mendelssohn
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2944Midsummer Nights Dream. NocturneMendelssohn
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2945Symphony in B Minor, Andante con motoSchubert R
2948Berceuse, Op.57Chopin
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2949Lullaby and Finland Love SongFloerscheim
2951Traumbilder FantasieLumbye
2952Organ Sonata, Op.65, No.5Mendelssohn
2953Fugue in G MinorBach
2957Le Dernier SourireWollenhaupt
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2962Funeral MarchChopin
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2963Home Sweet Home, Variations? suspect number
2965Songs Without Words. Book 3. No.4. Hope
Songs without Words. Book 4. No.1. On the Seashore
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Song Without Words, Number??
Heller S.
2970Moonlight on the Lake. (Reverie)Saar
2971Menuet, Op.17, No.2Moszkowski
2972Caprice, Op.31, No.6Moszkowski
2973Leonore Overture, No.3Beethoven
2974Nun's PrayerOberthur
2975Polonaise, No.2 in ELiszt
2976Nocturne, Op.37, No.2Chopin
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2977Polonaise, Op.40, No.2Chopin
2982Barcarolle, Op.50, No.3Rubinstein
2983Erlking, TheLiszt
2984La CascadeBauer
2985In Dreamland, ReverieWarner
2986Offertoire in D, Op.8Batiste
2991Novellette in FSchumann
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2992Madchenlieder No.3, Am AbendReinecke
2993By MoonlightBendel
2994Sonata Pathetique, Op.13
Grave, Allegro Molto - Allegro
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2995Moonlight Sonata, Op.27Beethoven
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2998Cavatina, Op.85, No.3Raff
2999Waltz from Serenade No.2Volkmann
3004Old Hundred 4 verses with interludes
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3006Hebron. 4 versesMasonic
3007Flow Gently Sweet AftonSpillman
3008Auld Lang Syne. 3 verses. Masonic
3013Abide With MeMonk
3014I.O.O.F. From Greenlands Icy Mountains. 4 versesMason
3017I.O.O.F. Old Rosin the Beau 3 vss with interludesUnknown
3382St. Cecilia Mass, Sanctus. [Suspect No.]Gounod
3510Ein Feste BurgLuther
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3511Refuge - Jesus Lover of My SoulHolbrook
3513What shall the Harvest be? 3 versesBliss
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3515In The Cross of Christ I GloryConkey
3517Elijah, It is Enough. SoloMendelssohn
3526Te Deum LaudamusJackson
3527Jubilate DeoJackson
3530There is a Green Hill Far AwayGounod
3531Jesu Deo ViviVerdi
3535Stabat Mater. Eia' MaterRossini
3536Stabat Mater. Quando CorpusRossini
3542Pass Under the RodScott
3543Coronation. All Hail the Power. 3 versesHolden
3552Angels Ever Bright and FairHandel
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3553Te Deum in E FlatLloyd
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3554Jephtha, Waft her AngelsHandel
3555Ave Verum CorpusMozart
3556Pentecost Aria. My Heart Ever FaithfulBach
3557Saviour Breath An Evening Blessing. 4 versesStebbins
3560Brief Life is Here Our Portion. 4 verses
3561Saviour Again To Thy Dear Name. 4 verses
3562Far From My Heavenly Home
3565Lo! He Comes with Clouds Descending. 4 versesHymn
3566Our Blest Redeemer ere He Breathed. 5 verses
3567Elijah. O Rest in the Lord. AriaMendelssohn
3569Guide me O Thou Great JehovahEmerson
3575Twelfth Mass. SanctusMozart
3576Twelfth Mass. Benedictus, Hosanna in ExcelcisMozart
3578Stabat Mater. DuetRossini
3580Messiah. O Thou that Tellest Good TidingsHandel
3582St.Cecilia Mass. SanctusGounod
3590Eternal Father Strong to Save. 3 v
3594Hark! the Herald Angels Sing (4 vs)Mendelssohn
3597O Taste & see how GraciousGoss, Sir John
3601The Soldier's Farewell
The Vacant Chair
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3602Rock Me to Sleep, Mother. 2 verses
3604John Brown's Body (2 Verses)
Dixie (2 Verses)
3605The Skipper and his Boy
Harbour Lights
3607Kerry Dance - Clang of the Wooden ShoonMolloy
3610The song that reached my heart.Jordan
3616My Lover is a Sailor LadSchleiffarth
3617Shepherd Boy,TheWilson
3618Dancing in the BarnTurner
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3621Charleston Blues, Medley. Babies on Our Block
Charleston Blues. .. from the Door
Charleston Blues. Never take the Horseshoe..
3625When Mother puts the Little Ones to BedWheeler
3626Old Black Joe. varied
Borrow for copyingContact #1
3631O Leave me not Dear Heart
Dreams (Ballad)
3632Only to See her Face AgainStewart, James E
3633That Melody DevineJordan
3634Little Darling Dream of MeSkelly
3635Bid me good byeTosti
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3636Fritz's LullabyEmmet
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3643Sweet Heather BellMorse [unclear]
3644Angel's SerenadeBraga
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3646Rocked in the Cradle of the Deep. 3 versesRussell
3650Maggie the cows are in the clover
Ding Dong
A Buttonhole Bouquet
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3654Sleep Well, Sweet AngelLange
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3655Pure as Snow - IdylleLange
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3657Santa LuciaVoss
3658Yankee Doodle, variationsarr Parker
3662Mexican National AnthemUnknown
3664As I sat upon my Dear Old Mother's Knee
Broken Playthings on the Floor
3665Sweet Spirit, Hear My PrayerWallace
3667We've both been there before many a time
Where did you get that Hat?
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3672Killarney, Key of GMartin
3675Listen to My Tale of WoeSmith
3678Stabat Mater DuetRossini
3679Love's Old Sweet SongMolloy
3680Last NightKjerulf
3682Farwell Marguerite
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3685Bring Back My Bonnie to Me
3687Spanish Cavilier, TheHendrickson
3689Margarita, Daily QuestionHalmud
3690Good-Bye, My Lover, Good-Bye
3692Quilting Party, The. 4 verses
3695Upidee. 5 verses
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3702Boccaccio. (He is a Prince, Waltz Song)Suppe
3703La Gazza Ladra OvertureRossini
3705Der Freischutz PotpourriWeber
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3706Der Freischutz DuettWeber
3708Don Giovanni. OvertureMozart
3710Lohengrin. Wedding MarchWagner
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?3712Un Ballo in Maschera - FantasieVerdi
Serenade I'd be a Star
Cooper's Song and Chorus
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3713Bohemian Girl - part unknownBalfe
3715La Traviata. Capriccio BrilliantePinzarrone
3719Mignon OvertureThomas
3720Donna Juanita Serenade, MedleySuppe
3723Pearl of Pekin:
Song-I was born in Tokio
Quar-Four little Tchin, Tchin girls
Song- I love my old love still
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3725Lady and the Tiger, The. PotpourriLecocq
3726Faust. Jewel SongGounod
3728La Jolie Parfumeuse, PotpourriOffenbach
3730Bellman, The. PotpourriSuppe
3731Seasons, The. Come Gentle SpringHaydn
3738Die Walkure. Ride of the WalkuriesWagner
3740La Gran ViaValverde
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3741Tannhauser. Evening Star SongWagner
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3742Heart and Hand … Helmet Song
3743Faust Cavatina - All Hail Thou DwellingGounod
3744Norma. Casta DivaBellini
3749Fidelio, PotpourriBeethoven
3750Yeoman of the Guard, TheSullivan
3751Die Meistersingers. Walther's Prize SongWagner
3752Flying Dutchman. OvertureWagner
3754Les Huguenots: Corale Cavatina, Say Gentle PageMeyerbeer
3755Tannhauser. Pilgrim's ChorusWagner
3756Yeoman of the Guard Selection. 3 songsSullivan
3757Fra Diavolo. unknown partAuber D.F.E
3758Tannhauser-Pilgrims ChorusWagner
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3760Trovatore. Back to Our MountainsVerdi
3764Erminie. This Afternoon at Four
Erminie. Woman's Dress
3765Raymond OvertureThomas
3766Robert Le Diable. trio -Cavatine Robert, Ah RobertMeyerbeer
3771Otello Ave MariaVerdi
3773La Nozzo di Figaro-Non piu andraiMozart
3775Gotterdammerung. (Trauermarsch)Wagner
3776Die Meistersingers. VorspielWagner
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3777Parsifal VorspielWagner
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3778Jolly Robbers OvertureSuppe
3781Tristan & Isolde. Prelude/VorspielWagner
3788Night in Grenada OvertureKreutzer
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3789Clover SelectionsSuppe
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3791Coriolan OvertureBeethoven
3792Le Prophete RondeauMeyerbeer
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3793L'Italiana in Algeria OvertureRossini
3794L'Africaine OvertureMeyerbeer
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3797Morning, Noon & Night OvertureSuppe
3799Faust. Fantasie Brillante. By Sidney SmithGounod
4001Valse, Op.34, No.2
Valse, Op.64, No.1
4002Doppler Schanzen WaltzBellman
4004Gaite de Coeur WaltzSmith
4006Highland Schottische
4010Mabel WaltzGodfrey
4012Inventories WaltzGautier
4014Grand Valse, Op.42Chopin
4016Hydropaten WaltzGungl
4019March from La PropheteMeyerbeer
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4020Sweethearts WaltzD'Albert
4021General Boulanger's MarchDesormes
4022Officers [can't read rest]
4025On the Beautiful RhineKela Bela
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4026Twilight WaltzFaust
4028Secret Love GavotteResch
4031Bonne Bouche PolkaWaldteufel
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4032Approach of Spring WaltzZikoff
4033Col. Baker's Funeral MarchWyman
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4034A Toi Waltz (To Thee)Waldteufel
4036Fedora WaltzBucalossi
4040Good Luck MarchFaust
4042Patrol ComiqueHindley
4043Dream of the Ocean MarchGungl
4047Night Birds are Cooing, TheSayers
4049La Gitana WaltzBucalossi
4064Un Beso Mazurka? Carr…
4068Dolce far Niente GavotteBraga
4073Tres Belle WaltzLamothe
4074Thousand and One Nights Waltz, AStrauss
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4077Dream of the Ball Waltz, TheGodfrey
4083Saratoga LancersSchlepegrel
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4085Waltz, Op.7, Nos 2 & 3Chopin
4087Dolores WaltzWaldteufel
4090Wiener Bonbons WaltzStrauss
4092Auf Wiedersehn WaltzBailey
Borrow for copyingContact #1
4095Aeolian Waltzes, TheRees
4098Grand Galop ChromatiqueLiszt
4099Scotch Medley MarchWebber
4100Tambour Major PolkaOffenbach
4101New Vienna WaltzStrauss
4102Artist's Life WaltzStrauss
4103Leap Year WaltzStrauss
4104Promotionen WaltzStrauss
4105Second Regiment MarchReeves
4107Shooting Star GallopBial
4108Mazurka, Op.33, No.4Chopin
4110Illustrationen WaltzStrauss
4113Honeymoon WaltzesWaldteufel
4115Gaetana MazurkaKetterer
4116Lorraine WaltzesDellinger
4119Turkish MarchBeethoven
4124Slavonian Dance, Op.46, No.8Dvorak
4125Redemption. Calvary MarchGounod
4128Lotus Blumen WaltzLoewstehl
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4130Donauweibchen WaltzStrauss
4133Chicago Glise WaltzSidney
4136Queen of Hearts PolkaFahrbach
4138Mon Reve WaltzWaldteufel
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4142Five Step DanceDodworth
4145L'Espirit PolkaWaldteufel
4147Fluhlingsstimmen Valse. [suspect spelling]Strauss
4153Enchantment SchottischeNeuman
4158Spanish Dance, Op.12, No.4, No.5Moszkowski
4159Virginia Reel (for 6 couples)
Borrow for copyingContact #1
4160Portland Fancy
4162Money Musk
4165Kentucky Jubilee Schottische
4171Popular Melody WaltzParker
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4172Immer Fesch MarschEilenberg
4173Les Patineurs Waltz. (Skaters Waltz)Waldteufel
4174Waves of the Blue Danube WaltzIvanovici
4176Love's Dreamland WaltzRoeder
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4187Marche de NuitGottschalk
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4188Shower of Gold WaltzWaldteufel
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4189Boccacio WaltzStrauss
4193Easter Lillies WaltzWinner
4196Merry War WaltzStrauss
4216Spanish PatrolCernelos
4220N.Y. 7th Regiment MarchMarkstein
4223Maid Marion WaltzReece
4224College Songs LancersHiman
4228Kuyawiak MazurkaWieniawski
4232Galop di BravaraSchulhoff
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4237Gabota GavotteArditi
4239La Pere La Victoire March
4242L'Americaine Govotte - SentimentaleSchwarz
4244Sounds from the Home WaltzGung'l
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4276Angara PolkaLareen
4277Laure Polka MazurkaJacob
4286Rosen GavotteCzibulka
4303In der Neuen Heimath WaltzKeler Bela
4311La Malaguena WaltzMetra
4315The Gondoliers-GavotteSullivan
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4316Gondoliers Waltz, TheSullivan
4323Tam O'Shanter MarchWarren
4325Blue Violet Mazurka, The
4334Gondoliers. CachuchaSullivan
4335Visions of Rest WaltzBaker
4338Habsburg MarchKral
4339Polka BohemeRubinstein
4347The Old Guard MarchHoist
Borrow for copyingContact #1
4349Northern Route MarchSmith
4353Entr Act GavotteGillet
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4354Echoes of the Ball WaltzGillet
4355Mother Goose´s Vocal LancersMehden
4356Girl I left Behind me, The
Borrow for copyingContact #1
4357Jolly Blacksmith Caprice, ThePaul
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4365Washington Post MarchSousa
4370Danse OssianiqueGottschalk
4371Vienna March
4384Senator March, TheBraham H
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4395La CachuchaToledo
4398Sambo's Wedding Day SchottischeBenedict
4399El Portico GavotteHolst
4403Faust. WaltzGounod
4406Sobre Las Olas ValseRosas
Borrow for copyingContact #1
4411On To The Battle MarchHolst
4413Honeymoon WaltzesWaldteufel
4414New Annen PolkaStrauss
4415March of the IsraelitesCosta
4420The Gladiator MarchSousa
Borrow for copyingContact #1
4426Andalucia Valse EspagnoleLe Thiere
4435Manon Lescant ValseAuber
4436General Grant's Grand MarchMack
4441Melrose - Yorke DanceDaniels
4443La Papillon (the Butterfly)Lavallee
4445La Tosoa WaltzBogert
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4448City of Rome MarchBaker
4449Danse EcossaisBaker
4450Moonlight ShadowsBaker
4453Clickety-Click MarchBaker
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4454Dove's Return WaltzesBaker
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4459Pavane:- Spanish DanceSharpe
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4467Arion Carnival MarchFaust C
4481March of the Passing RegimentCoverley
4487Blue Bonnets over the Border
The Reel of Tulloch
4532Hear My Prayer (O! For The Wings of a Dove)Mendelssohn
4533Prayer of the Wanderer, DuetConde
4534Halleljah Chorus (from Mount of Olives)Beethoven
Borrow for copyingContact #1
4546My Ain Country
4550Ave MariaOwen, Benjamin
4551Softly Now the Light of DayWeber
4577Tantum ErgoMarzo E
4580Messiah. OvertureHandel
4587St. Cecilia Mass (Offertory)Gounod
Borrow for copyingContact #1
4595By Babylon's WaveGounod
4612Marseillaise Hymn, LaDe Lisle
4615By the Sea. / Am MeerSchubert
4616Wanderer, TheSchubert
4618Only as far as the GateDaily
4622Only a Picture. 2 versesSmith
4623Little Annie RooneyNolan
4625Post, The (Die Post)
Organ Player, The (Die Leierman)
4626Dear HeartMattei
4634Oft in the Stilly NightStevenson
4636I Stood On The Bridge At MidnightCarew
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4638The Darkie's DreamLansing
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4646Palm Branches. 3 versesFaure
4649Darkies Patrol, TheLansing
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4652Three Leaves of ShamrockMcGuire
4657Tramp, Tramp, Tramp the Boys are Marching. 3 verse
4665Merry Monarch. Love will Find the WayMorse
4667When the Flowing Tide comes inMillard
4668They're After Me. sung in “Parlor Match”Hoey
4674The two GrenadiersSchumann
4675Quartet What Beams So BrightKreutzer
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4682Whisper Softly, Mother's DyingMiller, Dr
4684Bugle Calls & War Songs
Star Spangled Banner
Rally Round the Flag
Marching Thro' Georgia
Tramp, Tramp, Tramp
When Johnny comes Marching Home
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4685Killarney (2 verses)
Come Back to Erin
4686What are the Wild Waves Saying?Glover
4694Charlston BluesBraham
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4702Ruy Blas OvertureMendelssohn
4705Hebriden, Fingalshole (Fingal's Cave) OvertureMendelssohn
4706Bohemian Girl. OvertureBalfe
4708Pinafore. We Sail the Ocean
Pinafore. The Merry, Merry Maiden
Borrow for copyingContact #1
4709Rat Charmer's Song, TheNeuendorff
4711Gotterdammerung. VorspielWagner
4714Mikado. The Moon and ISullivan
Borrow for copyingContact #1
4715Pas des Fleurs WaltzDelibes
4716La Juive OvertureHalevy
4721Faust- Dio Possenti Dio D'AmorGounod
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4726Faust Up To Date. The Dawn of Love
Faust Up To Date. Up To Date
Faust Up To Date. Valse de Quatre
4727Carmen Act 2, QuintetteBizet
4728Lucia de Lammermoor, Introduction and ChorusDonizetti
4729Corsair, The. Turkish March. Sailing Away
Corsair, The. We're Types of Cruelty
Corsair, The. They Say That I Am Growing Wrinkled
4733L'Africaine Air De NeluskoMeyerbeer
Borrow for copyingContact #1
4737Rigoletto- Aria- Caro NomeVerdi
Borrow for copyingContact #1
4738Die Walkure. Magic Fire SongWagner
4742Athalia OvertureMendelssohn
4744Gondoliers, The. When a Weary Maiden Marries
Gondoliers, The. Quintette. Try Me Life Long
4745Gondolier GavotteSullivan
4746Gondoliers. Chorus, Dance a Cachucha
Gondoliers. Quartet, In a Contemplative Fashion
4747Guy Mannering OvertureBishop
4749Grand Duchess. Piff, Paff, Pouff
Grand Duchess. Oh, I Dote on the Military
4750Grand DuchessOffenbach
4751Pique Dame. OvertureSuppe
4754Faust Up To Date. Enmscorthy
For You
4755Masaniello OvertureAuber
Borrow for copyingContact #1
4760Lombardi - Fantasie BrillianteSmith
4761La Fille Du Regiment (Potpourri)Donizetti
4763Norma. PorpourriCramer
4765Lohengrin. Act 1, FinaleWagner
4771Robert Le Diable. OvertureMeyerbeer
4772Il Turco in Italia, OvertureRossini
4774Le Postillon de LonjumeauOuverture Adam
4775Siege of Rochelle, The. OvertureBalfe
4776Mireille OvertureGounod
4777Die Meistersingers. Einleitung, Act 3Wagner
Borrow for copyingContact #1
4781Othello OvertureRossini
4783Namensfeier OvertureBeethoven
4785Orpheus and Eurydice OvertureGluck
4786Siege of Corinth OvertureRossini
4787Dinorah OvertureMeyerbeer
4790Lohengrin. Act 3, Scene 2Wagner
4791Anacreaon OvertureCherubini
4796Isabella OvertureSuppe
4797Attila PotpourriVerdi
4804Faust Up To Date. Skirt DanceLutz, Meyer
4810Hornpipe PolkaSmith
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4813MazurkaCarl Walter
Borrow for copyingContact #1
4814La Borinquena DanzaAstol
Borrow for copyingContact #1
4815Pas de Fleurs WaltzDelibes
4822Norwegian Weddin marchSodermann
4823Forget Me Not WaltzWaldteufel
4824High School Cadet MarchSousa
4827Two Happy Coons - SchottischeNorthrup
4842Gondolier WaltzRoeder
4853Angleo WaltzCzibulka
4859Um Tara QuickstepFohs
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4863King's Champion MarchF.T. Baker
Borrow for copyingContact #1
4865Washington Post March, TheSousa J.P
Borrow for copyingContact #1
4866Chappies PolkaFare, Florence
4868Mariana WaltzWaldteufel
4870Perplexity GavotteCramer F
4877American Navy MarchCappa
Borrow for copyingContact #1
4878My Mary Green WaltzMcDonald
Borrow for copyingContact #1
4879La Serenata WaltzJaxone
Borrow for copyingContact #1
4883Pacific Waves WaltzKayton
4884Coppelia Valse Entr' ActeDelibes
4887Thunderer March, TheSousa
4889Virginia Skedaddle, TheRosenfeld
Borrow for copyingContact #1
4890“1492” Waltz PotpourriPflueger, Carl
4891Belle of Chicago March, TheSousa
4894North Star WaltzWaldteufel
Borrow for copyingContact #1
4895La Czarine Mazurka RusseGanne L
Borrow for copyingContact #1
5001Fifth Nocturne, op.52Leybach
Borrow for copyingContact #1
5002Barbier de Seville, FantasieLeybach
5008Song Without Words. VolksliedMendelssohn
5011Pastorale Symphony, No.6, AndanteBeethoven
5013Andante FavoriMozart
5014Andante for Organ, Op.122Merkel
5019La ConsolationDussek
Borrow for copyingContact #1
5022Symphony No.9, PrestoBeethoven
5024Symphony No.8, AllegrettoBeethoven
5026Blumenlied. (Flower Song)Lange
5028Organ VoluntaryAndre
5032Offertoire No.16Batiste
5033Offertoire No.24Batiste
5034Echo des Muses Caprice, Op.243Leybach
5037First Heart Throes, RomanzaEilenberg
5040Symphonie No.6, Op.68 (Pastorale), AllegroBeethoven
5043La ContemplationHummel
5047Symphony No.9, Adagio MoltoBeethoven
5048Gavotte in EBach
5049Les Courriers
5055Symphony No.7, PrestoBeethoven
5056Slavische Tanze Op. 46, No.1Dvorak
5057Romance sans ParolesThalberg
5062Capriccio Op. 19N.W. Gade
5064Serenade, Op.25, AndanteBeethoven bb
5074When You and I were Young, MaggieBisckoff
5075Les Cloches du ConventH. Bollman
Borrow for copyingContact #1
5078Liebestraum - Dream of LoveLiszt
5084Valse CapriceRubinstein
5085Cachucha Caprice, Op.79Raff
5087Klavier Concert, No.1, Op.15, LargoBeethoven
5090Sextuor, Op.81, AdagioBeethoven
5093Sinfonie No.18, Oxford, MinuettoHaydn
5096Cradle Song, Op.16Rubinstein
Borrow for copyingContact #1
5099Serenade Op.41, Scherzando, Adagio, Allegro VivaceBeethoven
Borrow for copyingContact #1
5101Lobgesang (Hymn of Praise) Sinfonia. AllegrettoMendelssohn
Borrow for copyingContact #1
5102Lobgesang (Hymn of Praise) Sinfonia. Adagio ReligiosoMendelssohn
Borrow for copyingContact #1
5111Wiegenlied, Op.49, No.4Brahms
5114Klavier Concert, No.4, Op.58. Allegro ModeratoBeethoven
5116Ungarische Tanze, No.5Brahms
5117Ungarische Tanze No.6
Ungarische Tanze No.7
Borrow for copyingContact #1
5119Fugue in E Flat. St.Ann'sBach J.S
5121Bal Costume Danses, Op. 103 No. 10 - moderato con motoRubinstein
5122Bal Costume Danses, Op. 103Rubinstein
5127Peer Gynt. Daybreak
Peer Gynt. Death of Aase
Grieg E
5128Peer Gynt. Anitra's Dance
Peer Gynt. Hall of the Mountain King
Grieg E
5129La Neige. Rondo BrillianteHerz
5132Scenes Pittoresques, No.1 Marche Scenes Pittoresques, No.2 Air de BalleMassenet
5133Scenes Pittoresques, No.3 …..? (guess)Massenet
5134Scenes Pittoresques, No.4Massenet
5137Danse Macabre, Poeme SymphonicSaint-Saens
5140Impromptu, Op.90, No.1. C MinorSchubert
5146S'Kommt ein Vogel Geflogen. (in style of 6 Compos)Ochs
5147Liebesnacht, Op.40Scharwenka
Borrow for copyingContact #1
5153Symphony in C, ScherzoSchubert
5154Sonata, Op.26, Andante & Var. Nos 1 & 5
5160Love's Dream After the BallCzibulka
Borrow for copyingContact #1
5161Dances Polonaise, Op.9, No.5, KrakowiakPaderewski
5162Danses Polonaises, Op.9, No.6, PolonezPaderewski
5164Humoresques de Concert, Op.14, SarabandePaderewski
5166Rhapsodie Hongroise, No.12Liszt
5168Sonata, Op.2, No.2, LargoBeethoven
5169Sonata Pathetique, Op.13, AdagioBeethoven
5174Symphonie, “Surprise”, No.6, G majorHaydn
5176Symphonie, Surprise No. 6
G Major, Menuetto
Borrow for copyingContact #1
5177Symphonie, “Surprise”, No.6, G major, Finale-Allegro MoltoHaydn
5179Tremolo EtudeGottschalk
5180Berceuse “Cradle Song”Gottschalk
5181Impromptu, op.142, No.2Schubert
Borrow for copyingContact #1
5186Nocturne, Op.9, No.2Chopin
5188BerceuseSchytte, Ludwig
5189Mariposa CariceNunez
Borrow for copyingContact #1
5190Faschingsschwank Aus Wien. AllegroSchumann
5191Faschingsschwank aus Wien …?..Schumann
5195Nocturne, No.4Field, John
5196Air for Violin, on G StringBach J.S
5211Symphonie, No.3, AdagioMozart
5213The Wayside Chapel ReverieWilson
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5216Rhapsodie Hongroise, No.6Liszt
5221Symphony No. 4
Borrow for copyingContact #1
5225Polonaise, Op.61, No.4Schubert
5226Polonaise, Op.61, No.5Schubert
5229FestmarchGade N.W
5232La Crepuscule / Reverie TwilightGuy T.J
5234Humoreske Op. 159Raff
Borrow for copyingContact #1
5235Sonata, Op.10, No.3, LargoBeethoven
Borrow for copyingContact #1
5238Impromptu, Op. 29Chopin
Borrow for copyingContact #1
5239Kamennoi Ostrow, Op.10, No.22Rubinstein
Borrow for copyingContact #1
5240Preludium und Fuge, Op.35, No.1Mendelssohn
5241Fantasie Impromptu, Op.66Chopin
5243Offertoire de Paques,Op.26,sur le Chant de l'OfiliBatiste
5244Heart WhispersDelacour
Borrow for copyingContact #1
5245Festgesang, No.4, ChoraleMendelssohn
5247Melodie, Op.8, No.2, Tiree des ChantsPaderewski
5253Ballet Music 'Tanzweise'Meyer-Helmund
5254Gavotte, Op.37, No.1Dupont, Aug
5256Cocoanut DanceHermann
5257Sonata, Op.26, Marcia FunebreBeethoven
Borrow for copyingContact #1
5269Ungarische Tanze, No.9, No.10Brahms
5271Sonata, Op.7, Allegro ModeratoGrieg
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5277Grand Offertoire de St.Cecile, Op.7Batiste
5279Valse, Op.63, No.3Chopin
5281Second Mazurka, Op.54Godard B
5283Water Nymph, NarcissusNevein, Ethelbert
5284Offertory in DbSalome, Th
5285Harmonious Blacksmith, The. Varied. [variations]Handel
5289Offertoire, Op.35, No.2Wely
5293Marche Religeuse, Op.15, No.2Guilmant A
5296Song without words
Consolation Gondolled
Borrow for copyingContact #1
5299The Mill in the ForestR. Eilenberg
Borrow for copyingContact #1
5301Ballade in F Minor, Op.52Chopin
5302Nocturne Celebre, Op. 32, No.1Chopin
5304Moorish Fantasie, MeditationChapi R
5307Andante for Organ, Op.74Silas E
5316Album Leaf Op. 12, No.7Grieg
5321Symphonie Nr. 5, ScherzoBeethoven
5323Communion E MinorBatiste
5324Prisoner & the Swallow, TheCroisez A
5326Overtoire for Organ (spelling??)Red A.M
5327Karntner WeisenKoscha, Thomas
5330Idomeneo. Placido e il Mar, Air & ChorusMozart
5335Maiden's Prayer, TheBadarzewska
Borrow for copyingContact #1
5352Symphony No.6, First MovementTschaikowsky
5353Symphony No.6, Second MovementTschaikowsky
5354Symphony No.6, Third MovementTschaikowsky
5355Symphony No.6, Pathetique, FinaleTschaikowsky
5362O SanctissimaSpindler
5381Gypsy Airs Op. 119, No. 4Eilenberg
Borrow for copyingContact #1
5506King of Love My Shepherd is, TheGounod
5507Little Talk with Jesus, ADoane
5508Processional Hymn, Palm Sunday. (6 Verses)Sullivan
5509Radiant Morn Hath Passed Away, TheWoodward
5524Communion Service in C. Tantum ErgoSilas
5544Unfold Ye PortalsGounod
5609Maggie Murphy's homeBraham
Borrow for copyingContact #1
5619Ben BoltKneass
5635When the Bloom is on the RyeBishop
5643In Old MadridTrotere
5650Look in Mine Eyes 'sung in La Cigale'Caryll
5653Tell me where my Eva's gone Uncle Tom's CabinPeabody
Borrow for copyingContact #1
5658Land of the Leal, The. 2 verses
5664Last of the Hogans, Potpourri:
Danny by my side
Rainbow Road
Knights of the Mystic Star
Take a day off Mary Ann
Borrow for copyingContact #1
5670Rimas de Becquer-MerodiasAlbeniz
5677Postillion, TheMolloy J.L
5688Peggy ClineLevi
Borrow for copyingContact #1
5689Molly O!Scanlan
Borrow for copyingContact #1
5696Synnoves SongKjerulf
5698The Bogie ManBatchelor
Borrow for copyingContact #1
5703Der Trompeter von Sakkingen, Werner´s AbschiedNessler
5704Barber of Seville, Act 1Rossini
5706Der Freischutz- Duett-Schelmhalt festWeber
Borrow for copyingContact #1
5708William Tell, Act 1. IntroductionRossini
5710Maria di Rohan FantasieMarks
5711Faust Ballet, No's 3 & 4Gounod
5712Faust Ballet, No's 5 & 6Gounod
Borrow for copyingContact #1
5714Robert Le Diable. Procession de NonnesBacchanale
5716Les Huguenots. Act 4 Duo. O Ciel Ou Courez Vous
5719Alceste PotpourriGluck
5721Rosamunde Ballet Musik No 1Schubert
Borrow for copyingContact #1
5721Sonate Op. 7, Allegro ModeratoGrieg
5727Die Matrosen OvertureFlotow
5729Michel Angelo; OuvertureGade
5730Leichti Cavallerie OvertureSuppe
5733Lalla Roukh OvertureDavid F
5736Ouverture Comique, Op.74Kela Bela
5744La Petite Mariee OvertureLecocq
5745De Madrid a Paris - TercetoValverde
5747La Gran Via. Jota de los RatasValverde
Borrow for copyingContact #1
5749Princesse de Trebizonde PotpourriOffenbach
5753De Giralda OvertureAdam
5755Des Wanderer's Ziel OvertureSuppe
5758Merry Monarch:
I'm a King with a capital K
Opening Chorus Act 2
Borrow for copyingContact #1
5759Elvira OvertureLeutner
5764Don Pasquale Overture
5764Nocturne. [number is suspect]Paderewski
5767Les Huguenots. Dance BohemienneMeyerbeer
5772Don Juan, Aria, Il Mio TesoroMozart
5773Lohengrin. Farewell Dear Swan, Solo & ChorusWagner
5779Barber of Seville. Cavatine. Una Voce Poco FaRossini
5781Dorothy. Queen of My Heart (Song)Cellier
5789Der Freischutz, Terzett - Wie? Was? EntsetzenWeber
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5794Paul Jones selectionsPlanquette
5797Le Lac des Fees OvertureAuber
5799Madam Favart PotpourriOffenbach
5800Mocking Bird March, TheMack E
5815Vaudeville March MedleyWebber
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5824Queen of Love Waltz
5827Onequine WaltzTschaikowsky
5839Tres Jolie WaltzWaldteufel
5840Trip to Chinatown, LancersGaunt
5845Brother Jonathan PolkaS. Hammond
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5847Moonlight on the Hudson WaltzHerman A
5850Dance of the Fairies Polka RondoMeacham
5851New York Herald March & Two StepRosenfeld
5855Liberty Bell MarchSousa J.P
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5893Nordica WaltzTourjee H
5894Manhattan Beach MarchSousa
5898Illinois Battle Ship MarchYule W.G
6605Robin Hood. O Promise MeDe Koven R
6606The Bowery A Trip to ChinatownPercy Grant
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6610The Campbells are Coming
The Braes of Balquhidder
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6619Her bright smile haunts me still, 3 verses
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6635I'll Take You Home again KathleeenWestendorf
6641Norine MaureenFox
6643My Sweetheart's the Man in the MoonThornton
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6644No Volveran! RomanzaAlvarez F.M
6651Pretty Nellie DolanBallou
6654Man That Broke the Bank at Monte Carlo, TheGilbert
6655Wedding of the Lily & The Rose, TheMack
6658Cruiskeen Lawn, The. Irish Ballad
6665After the BallHarris C.K
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6667Bright Star of Love (Alla Stella Confidenti)Robandi V
6673He never Cares to WanderMcGlennon H
6679Daisy BellDacre, Harry
6682Two Little Girls in Blue
6683I Long to see the Girl I Left BehindKelly J.T
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6689Molly O!Scanlan
6693Mamie come Kiss your Honey BoyIrwin, May
6705Lohengrin. Act 1, Scene 2, Elsa's DreamWagner
6706Les Huguenots. Act 3, FinaleMeyerbeer
6709Don Giovanni. Minuet & Mask TrioMozart
6710Cosi Fan Tutti OvertureMozart
6713Cavalleria Rusticana. Preludio e SicilianaMascagni
6714Cavalleria Rusticana. Scena E PreghieraMascagni
6715Cavalleria Rusticana. IntermezzoMascagni
6716L'Eclair OvertureHalevy ?
6718Cavalleria Rusticana. Duetto Santuzzi ed AlfioMascagni
6722L'Impressario OvertureMozart
6726Flying Dutchman. Spinning SongWagner
6728Faust. Holy Angels, TrioGounod
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6732Mignon, Dost thou know that sweet landThomas
6739Ossian OvertureGade
6740Un Regalo De Boda, a Wedding Present, OvertureMarques M
6742Lohengrin. Act 3, L's Herkunft Im Fernem LandWagner
6744Tempelweihe, Fest Overture, Op.95Keler Bela
6749Anna Bolena OvertureDonizetti
6750Tristan & Isolde. PotpourriWagner
6753Gotterdammerung. Terzett der RheintocktersWagner
A Pretty Girl-A Summer Night
Every Rose must have its thorn
To be a lone Widow
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6763Traviata - PreludioVerdi
6771Robin Hood. A Tailor There Dwelt
Robin Hood. Brown October Ale
Robin Hood. Tinkers Song
De Koven R
6775Robin Hood. Duet, Maid Marion & Robin HoodDe Koven R
6776Parsifal. HerzliedeWagner
6777Parsifal. (Der Schwan)Wagner
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6778 [suspect #]Parsifal. Herzeleide
Siegfried. The Forging of the Sword
6786Jone: Funeral March
Jone: Market Chorus
Jone: Brindisi
Jone: L'amo, Aria
6788The Tyrolean Nightingale SongZeller
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6793La Cigale, duet Petit Noel
Doubt Not
6794La Gran Via - The Great Thoroughfare, Introduction and PolkaValverde
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6797Martha. M'appari 'Ah So Fair', ariaFlotow
6798La Gioconda, Act 2, RomanzaPonchielli
6806Directorate March, TheSousa
6809Under the Double Eagle MarchWagner J.F
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6811Private Tommy Atkins (Two Step March)
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6813Honeymoon March, TheRosey, George
6815Left-Right MarchSousa J.P
6821Rastus on ParadeKerry Mills
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6835King Cotton MarchSousa
6847Yale March, TheVan Baar
6851Je t'Aime (I Love Thee) WaltzWaldteufel
6860El Capitan MarchSousa
6865On Dress Parade March - Two StepToledo
6866Gerchen Verlorenes Gluck Valsenic
6867La Valse au Clicquotnic
6868Newfoundland March, The. Two StepSpedick
6869Granolian Two StepHughes
6873Another Spring, SchottischeMartin, Frank
6875Serenade, TheHerbert, Victor
6878Spanish Beggar Girl WaltzOrth C.J
6881Renee WaltzesFurst
6893Bride Elect March, TheSousa
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7601GenevieveAdams, Stephen
7603Volunteer Organist, TheSpaulding
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7604Sweet MarieMoore, Ray
7608Russian Popular Airs, B-I, B-II, B-IIIunknown
7613Do, Do, My Huckleberry, DoDillon
7622Say Au Revoir, But Not GoodbyeKennedy
7626Russian Popular Airsvarious
7638Oh Wert Thou in the Cauld BlastMendelssohn
7644Worker, TheGounod
7652Sidewalks of New York, TheLawlor
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7656I don't want to Play in your YardPetrie H.W
7662The Old Broken GateH.T. Dekker
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7667Little Christopher. The Laws of Batavia
Little Christopher. We're Gay Young American Tar
Little Christopher. Our Hearts are Light & Merry
Kerker, Gus
7673Pride of the BallVerner H.C
7677Sunshine of Paradise Alley, TheBratton
7683Oh! Uncle JohnMcGlennon
7694Love's SorrowShelly
7696Katy MaloneOlcott
7699Don't Be CrossZeller
7709Faust. Act 4, Church SceneGounod
7724Tannhauser, Act 1, Scene 4, 'When for the Palm'
Tannhauser, Act 1, Scene 4, Wolfram's Song
7735Tannhauser. Act 2. In Minstrels Lays- Aria
Tannhauser. Act 2. Oh! Blessed Hour - Duo
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7750Queen's Lace Handkerchief, OvertureStrauss
7752La Muette de Portici FantasieAuber
Arr. By Labarre and de Beriot
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7757La Gioconda Ballet MusicPonchielli
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7759Cavalleria Rusticana. Drinking Song & ChorusMascagni
7764Der Khedive Egyptian Guards PatrolFaust C
7768Pirates of Penzance. PotpourriSullivan A
7770Reinzi War MarchWagner
7771Gondoliers, The. O Rapture There was a Time
7772Romeo & Juliet, Act 1, Movement de ValseGounod
7775Robin Hood. Churning TrioDe Koven R
7777Robin Hood. I am the Sheriff of Nottingham. DuetDe Koven R
7778Don Giovanni, Act 1, Aria - Madamina il CatalogoMozart
7783Olivette OvertureAudran
7790Reine de Saba Ballet, Tempo di ValseGounod
7791Die Fledermaus WaltzStrauss
7793Les Huguenots. Bella Divina Incantatrice, duetMeyerbeer
7797Robert le Diable, PriereMeyerbeer
7802Yale '99 Two-StepSmith, D.S.
7804At a Georgia Campmeeting (March Characteristic)Kerry Mills
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7817Fortune Teller March, TheHerbert, Victor
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7821Whistling Rufus (March Characteristic)Kerry Mills
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7826Venetian Moonlight WaltzesKeiser
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7844On The Levee—Two StepW. H. Hall
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7887Invincible Eagle March, TheSousa
8602Just tell them that you saw meDresser
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8610Margarita - songTassoni
8611Le Chant du BracconnierRitter
8612She may have seen better daysThornton
8614My Gal is a High Born Lady
I'm Happy, My Baby's come to Town
Honey, meet me, Do
A Hot time in the Old Town Tonight
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8615Mister Johnson, turn me loose
She's my warm baby
All coons look alike to me
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8650No Coon can Come too Black for Me
Why Don't You Get a Lady of Your Own
8655Soldiers in the Park (from A Runaway Girl)Monckton
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8661My Old New Hampshire HomeH. von Tilzer
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8665I Guess I'll have to Telegraph my BabyCohan, George M
8670She was bred in Old KentuckyStanley Carter
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8672Hello! Ma BabyHoward and Emerson
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8674When Dewey comes Sailing HomeKerry Mills
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8678Nightingale & the Frogs, The. Op.119. Np.2Eilenberg R
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8704Girofle, Girofla “Brindisi”
See How It Sparkles
8706Prince Methusalem OvertureStrauss
8710Lohengrin. Wedding MarchWagner
8715Le Ball au bois dormant - Ballet #15 Pas d'actionTschaikowsky
8716Pagliacci. IntermezzoLeoncavallo
8717Pagliacci. Punchinello PrologueLeoncavallo
8719Les Vepres Siciliennes, OvertureVerdi
8720Pagliacci “Punchinello”. (Nedda & Tonio)
Pagliacci “Punchinello”. Comic Scene Act 2
Leoncavallo R
8721Fra Diavolo - Fantasie. arr by Sidney SmithAuber D.F.E
8722I Lombardi. La Mia LetiziaVerdi
8724Das Leben fur den Czaar, FinaleGlinka
8725Pique Dame. IntermezzoTschaikowsky
8727Faust. Ballad of the SylphesBerlioz
8730Pagliacci “Punchinello”, Serenata di AriecchineLeoncavallo
8738Romeo & Juliette. L'Amo L'AmoBellini
8741Tristan & Isolde. Isolde's Love DeathWagner
8744The Princess Bonnie:
Slumber so sweetly
Love is a dainty flower
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8747Princess Bonnie, The. My Bark Canoe
Princess Bonnie, The. Dreaming of Love
8762William Tell - Aria, Dear Shady WoodsRossini
8766Manon Lescaut - In Quelle Triene Morbide, SouvenirPuccini G
8768Mignon. Ente Acte. GavotteThomas A.
8784El Capitan (Finale Act 2 March)Sousa
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8785Don Caesar Potpourri Palace of the King Dellinger
8786Il Guarany OvertureGomes
8787Lady Slavery, The. Baby Song
Lady Slavery, The. Twinkle, Twinkle Lovely Lad
8788Half a King. Love Makes the World Go RoundEnglander
8789Geisha, The. Jack's the BoyMonckton
8790Geisha, The. The Toy. duetJones, Sidney
8791Geisha, The. Chon Kingjones, Sidney
8792Geisha, The. The Toy MonkeyMonckton
8793Geisha, The. The Interfering Parrot
8794Geisha, The. The Jewel of AsiaPhilip, James
8795Shamus O'Brien. Trio - He's Straight as a DartStanford
8796Shamus O'Brien. Song - I've Sharpened the SwordStanford
8797Shamus O'Brien. My Heart is thrall to Kitty's BeatStanford
8798Shamus O'Brien. Ochone when I used to be YoungStanford
9000Ring of the Nibelung Leading MotivesWagner
9700Mandarin, The. My Sweetheart has Her FaultsDe Koven
9701Mandarin, The. Duet - Some Damsels SighDe Koven
9702Mandarin, The. Umbrella DanceDe Koven
9703Serenade, The. In Fair Andalusia, SongHerbert V
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9704Serenade, The. Dreaming, Dreaming, SongHerbert V
9705Serenade, The. Woman, Lovely WomanHerbert V
9706Serenade, The. Cupid & I, Waltz SongHerbert V
9707Serenade, The. I Love Thee, I Adore TheeHerbert V
9712Tannhauser, Act 1, Scene 3. The Shepherd & the PilWagner
9713Tannhauser. Act 2, Scene 1, Elizabeth's GreetingWagner
9715Tannhauser. Introduction, Act 3Wagner
9716Tannhauser. act 3, Scene 3, Tannhauser's PilgrimagWagner


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