Ariston (unknown)

These Ariston titles are of unknown size:

??461 Hilda WaltzGodfrey
??781/784? Oh My Father, from Olivette.Audran
?Steirische Laendler. [I suspect I accidentally del the #!]de Ponti
?5 teile vorhanden. 1. bis 5. Theil
?Figilia del Reggimento
?Fili d'oro. Canzonetta
?Fremito d'Amore. Valzer
?Little Sailors Waltz./ Les Pettits Matelots/ Kleine MatrosenCrowe A.G.
?Pas des Patineurs?
?Schaukel Walzer
?Sogno d'un Valer. Valzer
?Valzer Brune. Canzona
?Vedova Allegra. Marcia prima forte
?Wien bleibt Wien, Marsch
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